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The word youth may defined as the state of being young. indecent dressing may be described as an offending abnormal and unusual standards of dressing. Therefore youths and indecent dressing mean offending, abnormal and unusual mode of dressing by people especially young ones.
Indecency in dressing among the youths has plagued our society over an appreciably long time. Many of our youths has plagued our s have woefully ruled off decency from their dressing habit. This is more so among females.
The level of indecency is so appalling and alarming that something serious should be done to check the horrible situation.
Statistics analysis proves that over 90 percent of young ladies in our society are infected by this dreadful and overwhelming disease of indecency and immodest. However, the disgusting and nauseating nature of their dressing patterns mirror to a large extent, the decay in human standards and identity. It has so tarnished the image of our society as though devil has unchained in it. This has consequently turned our nation or the entire Africa into a home for frustrated nuisance.
Conversely, people go for indecent dressing for several reasons. Some, on the quest for glamour and fascination indulge in this heinous and disgusting life style. These people ridicule themselves, as the contrary becomes the case. Instead of getting beauty, they end up getting more ugly and ugly and so unpleasant to look at than they were decently dressed. They are always faced with derision and disrepute. Harlots and prostitutes were those known to dress immodestly, but now everyone is infected.
Since almost the entire society is engulfed in this epidemic of indecent dressing, the very younger, pure minds learn this bad conduct more easily and rapidly from their tender stages of life. Many of them learn them from the ill movies and dramas both foreign and locals. Others from the overwhelming torrent of indecent literatures, magazines and newspapers, which have evolved in recent years. A number of people engage in it in order not to appear primitive since they say that decent styles of dressing are archaic and no longer in vogue. Yet all these are no excuses for dressing improperly.
Further more, the lapses in the parental role as far as training is concerned have always accelerated this problem. The home is described as the brooder house where children are born, nursed and groomed. The home plays a very paramount role in nurturing and grooming the child. These children and ladies who dress indecently are human beings with homes and parents. Are our parents sincerely unaware of their children's dressing styles? If they do, how do they fell about it? What efforts are they making to stop the horrifying and nerve-breaking situation?Unfortunately, most of our parents have failed in their duties. Some parents are not even free from the disease. How then, can they teach them? Some parents even aid and abet the ill by their inspirations and examples. One of the most pronounced effects of immodest dressing is its influence on the behavior of the youth. It has led to a very high level of immorality among the youths, the very leaders of tomorrow. The condition of our country is nothing to write home about. Corruption has risen to the summit. It is estimated that over 95% of fornication in our society are brought about by indecent fashion. Prostitution, juvenile delinquency and sex crimes in general have increased to an alarming rate Gentleness and docility are now things of the past. Consequently, the degree of the spread of the disease has markedly accelerated to a very high peak leaving our hospitals with bundles of aids patients. Again, there is equally increase in abortion rate. Birth control methods are being discovered everyday. Some which may be detrimental to the society. Indeed, there is a big problem, indecency has robbed our nation of sanity leaving it with those who have lost their senses of direction in life and are shameless. Besides, indecent dressing fashion worn by modern ladies today to a deeper sense tends to degrade the human stature, standards and identity. Dresses are meant to cover the body, which considerably distinguishes man totally from every other creature.
Therefore, if the current trends of fashion are not checked, our nation might be heading for a very serious catastrophe.
The government and other relevant authorities should help in fighting this battle against immodest fashion. The problem can be easily and effectively be solved if an appropriate law would be enacted. Such law would be attached with a very heavy and severe penalty for defaulters. Appropriate law enforcement agents would me used to enforce the law. A problem is easily tackled if the cause is known. The government should be able to unravel and unveil the secrets behind immodest fashion. If there is a law punishing rape and indecent assault, there should also be a law against these who lure others to commit this offence. The parents to a large extent determine the behavior and conducts of their children. These parents nurture and mould these youths who fashions can only be curbed if good and exemplary are show by adults. Parents should add more power to their elbow, if the fight against this menace of indecent dressing would be effective.

To be continued

Adapted from GSSO magazine

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